There’s no mistaking a luxury lawn. Its velvet look is brought about by good quality, fine-leaved compact grasses – mainly Bents and Fescues.

But do you really want (or need) a lawn like a bowling green?

Most of us are content with a healthy patch of lawn with few weeds and even fewer bare patches; a utility turf that can stand up to children, dogs, cycles and heavy compaction.

YGP has lawned areas from 25m² to 250m², either from seed or by turfing. We understand the essential preparation required in both scenarios, paying particular attention to soil preparation and amelioration so that your grass grows as you expect.

We’ll let you know which nutrients to add when and, crucially, in what measure. And we have all the treatments you could ever need to rid your lawn of weeds, moss and worm casts.

All of the turf we supply comes from two family firms in Hertfordshire and Suffolk. Combined, they have 100 years of experience in producing and cutting turf for the landscape industry.

If you really want to get on top of the problems you’re having with your lawn, we can visit your property and explain what’s happening – and how we can put it right.

Get in touch and we can organise a visit.