Clements Road

The owner is physically disabled and so our task was to design a garden which would enable her to enjoy nature at its best. Mobility and visibility were key and a requirement on her part to avoid too much geometry and hard surfacing with a preference for planting to provide the architecture.

The boundary needed attention so trellis fencing was fitted to both sides of the garden and after significant earth moving, lawn areas were created. With beds metal edged and tree and hedge selection planted Autumn 2019, the majority of the perennial, rose and climber planting continues Spring 2020

“We engaged Steve (Your Garden Project) to redesign the front and rear garden at our renovated property in Chorleywood. Steve worked with us, taking all our requirements into account and presented a great design and planting scheme that met all our expectations. Steve also made several excellent suggestions about garden features that we would not have thought of otherwise”

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