This page highlights the wonderful work of good friends who manage so well to capture the beauty of the natural world in their photography and painting. Many thanks to them all for helping over the years towards the success of Your Garden Project.




Since leaving the London College of Printing, where I studied for a Degree in photography, I have worked non-stop in the world of stills, film and television as a photographer and Director of Photography. It is a huge privilege to do this job, which I love.    

Over the years, my work has enabled me to travel extensively, to experience many diverse locations and to observe the inner workings of cultural and natural systems but above all, to meet and work with some pretty wonderful people. My years of experience in the industry have taught me how to produce quality material on the tightest of schedules. I understand the need to work within both budget and timescale without ever compromising the finished integrity of the film.        

I have experience working with all formats, from 35mm film to the solid state formats of the Arri Alexa, Red Epic and the likes of 5D. I can provide a full kit, including lights and transport for shoots as required. I absolutely love this work and the people I get to collaborate with, perhaps more than anything because it enables me to work so closely with light, both natural and ʻdesignedʼ, to capture the most beautiful images.

Light, in all its manifestations, is at the very heart and structure of life and the universe we live in. Understanding how to work with it will always produce the most stunning images, no matter what the message might be.



About Elaine Banham

Although born in the UK, I grew up in the distinctive landscapes of Ontario’s

Laurentian Plateau region and in sight of Washington’s Cascade Mountains.

I went to art college and university in Canada and went on to work in the creative industries in London.

I paint in oil on canvas, exploring arrangements of elements in the landscape, some familiar and some mysterious.

The paintings are my response to an experience of the land,

charting expansive, atmospheric scenes loved by those who visit North Norfolk beaches and fields.

I have an interest in how land is affected by different pressures – ancient stone layers in cliffs, farming practices on fields and the changing coastline – as well as the play between land, sky and water. 

Exhibiting regularily in Norfolk, my work is in private  collections in Canada and the UK.

+44 (0)7792 314072



About Don Seed

Moving the short distance from the Cumbrian hills where I was raised to study at Harrogate School of Art was followed by Canterbury College of Art, (now University for the Creative Arts).

From the late 1970’s I worked at London based studios in Bond Street, Covent Garden, Clerkenwell and Kings Cross as an art director, storyboard artist and visualiser. I produced work for international advertising campaigns, theatre launches, film title sequences, live events, TV and illustrations for print.

We moved to North Norfolk in 2013 and I spend regular dog walking time on the beach, where my interest in geology, fossils and the formation of shells was rediscovered. Over 40 years of drawing for a living provided me with a solid back­ground to develop creative expression through watercolour.

The large sized watercolours are a celebration of the natural form combining the trueness of a study and the delight of discovery.

+44 (0)7792 314072