A new lease of life

CAPELL ROAD: A loved one had just died and in his memory the client wanted to create a garden that he would also have loved. The garden needed a design which would offer up a sunny seating area, the re-creation of all the paths and patio which were in disrepair, a new lawn where the ground was severely compacted, and a reshaped rear garden allowing for more planting areas. The lower garden was also overgrown and as a suntrap offered up a wonderful opportunity for a calm seating area.  

Construction of a stone path, hardwood deck, trellis fencing and pergola into the lower garden allowed for more varied planting.

The garden now features a waterfall and water feature with grasses, a Rose bed, perennial borders, honeysuckle arch and a wildflower meadow at the bottom of the garden.

“Your Garden Project has completely transformed our front, side and back garden over just a few months. It has been a joy to work with Steve and his extremely professional and friendly team with both hard and soft landscaping and we highly recommend them. Come and have a look at our garden if you are interested!”

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